What is QR Score?

QR Score is a measure of the quality of the supplier’s performance based on the customers’ feedback. Verified and Qualified References add to the company’s QR Score.

How is the Score Calculated?

When the supplier sends an invitation, the customers receive a form requesting to leave feedback on the product/service supplied and evaluate their satisfaction from 0 (Very Poor) to 4 (Excellent) on 5 parameters.

Products Services [Project] Services [Retainer]
On-time delivery Issue identification Qualifications
Technical specifications On-time delivery Initial consultation
Equipment quality Delivery experience Communication during process
Installation experience Results Quality of process
Post-installation support Post-delivery support Results

Their responses are added on the supplier’s QR Point Score according to the following table

Verified Qualified
Very Poor 0 0
Poor 1 4
OK 2 8
Good 3 12
Excellent 4 16

The average for all Verified and Qualified References is shown as a percentage—100% being maximum—on your QR Score. Not Applicable responses do not add points but do not reduce or increase the QR Score. Also, the number of Basic References do not affect your QR Score.

The supplier has the option of publishing the QR Score for public view or keeping it private.