Unlock your references

Easy and Free

Register your company in our database, and use the importing tool to easily load all your references from any spreadsheet FREE OF CHARGE. The tool provides built-in and custom fields that you can use as needed, including:

  • Company: Name, Division, Plant, Address, State/Province, Country, Zip Code
  • Contacts: Name, Phones, Email, Position (up to 2 people)
  • Product: Name, Industry, Type, Price, Purchase Date, Installation Date, Start Date
  • Notes: Public and Private sections
  • Other: 4 customizable fields

Committed to Quality™ seal To facilitate sharing with potential customers, add our Committed to Quality™ seal to your website to provide a quick link to your public references and profile. Your references will be continuously updated without changing your website!

Customize Privacy and Confidentiality

All references are by default private, and you decide what and when to share. Want to keep some confidential?, our qualification process allows you to share your valuable references while maintaining their identities hidden. Qualified References provide all their selling power without disclosing confidential information or giving clues to your competitors.

Public View
Available Fields Basic Verified Qualified
Name Visible* Visible* Optional*
Division Optional Optional Optional
Plant Optional Optional Optional
Address Optional Optional Optional*
State/Province Optional Optional Optional*
Country Optional Optional Optional*
Zip Code Optional Optional Optional*
Primary Contact
Secondary Contact
Name Optional* Visible* Visible*
Industry Optional Visible Visible
Type Optional Visible Visible
Price Optional*
Purchase Date Optional*
Installation Date Optional
Start Date Optional* Visible* Optional*
Notes (Public) Optional Optional
Notes (Private)
Other 1 Optional
Other 2 Optional
Other 3 Optional
Other 4 Optional
Customer Feedback N/A Visible Visible
* Mandatory fields for adding a reference

Share Customized Lists

Once your references have been added to your private database, you will be able to prepare lists with the references and fields of your choice, and send invitations to view them to any potential customer. The BASIC package permits preparing and sending up to 2 lists per month free-of-charge. Users with a GOLD subscription are able to prepare and send unlimited lists.

Feedback Process - Committed to Quality

If desired, request feedback from your customers to enhance the value of the reference towards potential customers, and improve your QR Score. Check Feedback Process and Score for details on this process.