Committed to Quality

The Feedback Process is intended as a supplier initiative like ISO9001, Six Sigma or other continuous improvement programs that companies embrace voluntarily to improve themselves. Quality References provides the tools to make the process simple and transparent.

Real, Transparent Feedback

To guarantee the quality and value of customer’s feedback, Quality References follows certain rules:

  • Only suppliers can invite customers to leave feedback. Anonymous feedback is not available.
  • Quality References verifies the origin of the feedback to confirm its validity. Once confirmed, the customer has 7 days to modify it. After 7 days from the original response, the feedback is made public and permanent.
  • Once feedback becomes public, it can only be changed with the customer’s approval through a Feedback Modification process controlled and audited by Quality References.

Three Levels of Quality References

Basic. References added by suppliers without undergoing any verification process. Quality References allows suppliers to add an unlimited number of Basic references free-of-charge, and keep them Private or Public for other parties to see.

Verified. Any Basic Reference can be converted to Verified when suppliers invite their customers to provide feedback. The feedback is used to rank suppliers based on the responses received on a simple questionnaire sent to the client (see QR Score for the list of questions sent to different types of customers). Quality References provides support and polices the process, but does not audit the information provided.

Qualified. Quality References audits the information and confirms its validity. Qualified References provide the highest level of confidence for prospective customers and are valued four times more than Verified References for scoring purposes (see QR Score).

Feedback Audited Private/Public
Basic No No Optional
Verified Yes No Public
Qualified Yes Yes Public

Feedback Forms

Feedback is requested using pre-scripted forms to contacts in the database. The forms are easy to use and fill out (see QR Score).