Why Quality References?

Clients seek references to learn about the qualifications and experience of suppliers and the quality of their products and services. Suppliers provide references to build brand name and reputation, and to demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction.

User-provided anonymous ratings and reviews are commonly used for consumer products where the volume of reviews and the low value of the transaction help smooth out anomalies and partially remove the incentive and opportunity for manipulation. Independent expert reviews are convenient for high-ticket items, but they are only cost effective on large-volume products and services like cars.

Unscreened and independent expert ratings are poorly suited for low-volume, high-price transactions where the number of users is limited, and the potential for bias and manipulation is high.

This type of sale is common in:

  • Industrial products and services
  • Construction
  • Consulting and Legal Services

Suppliers in these markets prepare and maintain reference lists, but the information is often disorganized, inconsistent across the company, and incomplete. Moreover, feedback from customers is most likely absent, lost, or transformed into a “sales pitch” that has little credibility for potential customers.

Quality References provides a simple and transparent tool to organize references, prepare public and customized lists, and invite selected customers to provide feedback.

Benefits for Suppliers

  • Use the free tools to organize and make your valuable customer references accessible to all or a select group of prospective customers and other users with the right information and format
  • Maintain the confidentiality of references without limiting their value
  • Advertise and increase exposure of your company and products
  • Use our Committed to Quality™ seal on your website to enhance your image and provide a quick link to your approved references
  • Increase the value of your references by having them independently qualified
  • Build a solid brand name and reputation regardless of your size and publicity budget

Benefits for Customers

  • Find and validate suppliers’ previous work
  • Avoid misinformation and manipulation knowing that the information has been independently verified
  • Check the strengths of the supplier and how they rank within their industry and geographical area
  • Confirm the supplier’s commitment to transparency and quality by the number of Quality References provided